The The same level of thinking that caused the problem will not solve the problem.



The political philosophy of Bob’s Office is simple:

  • It’s your money, not Bob’s.
  • Less government. Lower taxes.
  • Bob isn’t just a senator, he also works at Bob’s Office. If you call the office and want to speak with Bob – beware! – he answers the phones faster than his staff does. No gatekeepers at Bob’s Office!

Office Rent:

  • Located at 197 Hernan Cortes Ave., Suite A-1, in the heart of Hagatna and a stone’s throw from the Temporary Guam Legislature.
  • Office is a small 800 square feet (500 square feet downstairs; 300 square feet upstairs)
  • The rent is only $664 per month through December 31, 2006. (office lease contract)
  • The office is a great place to work . . . but a terrible place to sit around and gab.
    - there are no big sofas with soft cushions to relax
    - no kitchen
    - no “private offices” in which to have “private conversations”
    - no big, expensive conference room to show off
    - no big, expensive senator’s office to show off

Staff Salaries:

  • Bob’s three paid staffers (the fewest for a senator in the Guam Legislature) are three of the hardest working, thoughtful, kind, and generous people of any staff ( … and we’re not just saying that because one of them wrote this fact sheet).

Office Furniture:

  • All office furniture was transferred from the Guam Legislature.
  • No new furniture was bought with government funds. (Why buy new when the Legislature has plenty of old furniture, chairs and desks?)
  • Bob’s desk is an old steel, five drawer government desk that had to be raised three inches with wood blocks.


Senator Robert Klitzkie (but when you see him in public, please call him Bob) is a (recovering) lawyer admitted to practice in Guam, California, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the U.S. Supreme Court.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1974, was inducted into the Order of the Coif (his staff has no idea what that is) and was accorded other academic honors (just trust us on this; there are too many to list here).

Bob was in the private practice of law as a member of the firm Brooks and Klitzkie, P.C., from 1974 to 1985.

Bob retired from the position of Director of Education (when school started on time and the textbooks were ordered early) in February 1995 having guided the more than 4000 employee department for a year.

Thirty-one years earlier, Bob began his government service as a social studies and history teacher at George Washington High School. While serving as a teacher, Bob earned a Masters Degree in education at the University of Guam. Bob was one of the first members of the Guam Federation of Teachers and served a couple terms as sergeant at arms. As chief negotiator for the GFT in the first board-union contract in 1970, Bob played a major role in bringing collective bargaining to GovGuam workers. Bob is proud of the provision in the first contract that took teachers out of the enforcement of the English-only-at-school rule.

In between educational stints, Bob served in the area of public safety having been the legal advisor for the Guam Police Department, Deputy Director Corrections and Director of Corrections (not a single prisoner escaped on his watch – not a single one).

Bob has also had experience in the legislative and judicial branches of the government of Guam. Bob served as legislative counsel to the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Guam Legislatures, minority counsel in the Twentieth Guam Legislature and Clerk of the Superior Court of Guam. (He has worked with a lot of lawyers, but please don’t hold that against him.)

Part time work included teaching various graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Guam and the Guam Community College, including School Law and Criminal Law.

Bob hosted the popular Sunday night TV show, Cable Forum, 1995-1997; in 1966 he served as a radio newscaster for KUAM radio.

Bob was born on Dec. 20, 1938, in the metropolis of Elkhorn, Wisconsin (pop. 2,900), and is a 1963 graduate of Wisconsin State University at Whitewater. Wanting to see the world, Bob joined the Marines and was sent to the far away exotic location of California. Seeing enough of California, Bob left the Marines after one hitch.

After college, more than 40 years ago, Bob applied to school districts all over the nation, accepting a teaching position from the district that was the farthest away from Wisconsin – Guam.

Bob packed his bag (singular, as in one bag), boarded a 707 and flew to Guam.

Bob hasn’t stopped traveling. He has been to Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Tibet, the USSR, Iceland, Borneo, New Guinea, Iwo Jima, Bali a couple times, and many other exotic and interesting spots.

Ten years service in the Army National Guard ended in 1992 when Bob reached his mandatory removal age (Bob’s older than he looks). Bob’s last rank held was Lieutenant Colonel (no, you don’t have to salute before you talk to him).

He is married to the former Lourdes Palomo –professor emerita at the University of Guam. Bob and Lou are the parents of one daughter and are grandparents four times over.

Bob worked for Pacific Security Alarm, Inc., for nearly nine years beginning in 1996, first as general manager until 1998, and as a vice president from 1998 until January 2005. (Bob has never had an ownership interest in PSA. A media report stating that he did was incorrect.)

Bob has been your senator since January 2003 and looks forward to meeting you. Stop by when you’re in the neighborhood.

(Bob's Resume [MSWord 34.8Kb])



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