Senators by and large not pleased with Administration's quarrel

by Ken Wetmore, KUAM News
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Island policymakers today aren't holding back what they think about the dispute in the front office. It was on Tuesday Lieutenant Governor Kaleo Moylan's legal counsel, Attorney Mike Phillips, filed in the Superior Court of Guam an alternative writ. The Lieutenant Governor is seeking the court to clarify the powers of the Lieutenant Governor of Guam.

Republican and Democrat senators we spoke with today aren't too happy with the conduct of the island's two top elected leaders. "My whole reaction is I think it has gotten our whole community divisive. I think there are very serious matters at hand that we need to discuss. I think directors of the various agencies are put in a very awkward position," said Senator Lou Leon Guerrero.

As for the Republican side of the Legislature, Senator Mark Forbes said, "Well you know the lawsuit is just one more chapter in what I think is a very sad tale. I can't deny that I'm becoming disappointed by this whole situation. We are all very hopeful that this could be resolved in a much simpler manner and so far it appears to be difficult for that to happen and I think it would be, it's just obvious that something has to happen here. I don't think this situation is tenable and I don't think it can continue this way.

"I'm still hoping that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor will come together and you know recognize the simple thing that all elected officials have to recognize, myself included, that there are things out there that need to be done and that our energy and our focus needs to be direct at that."

Chimed in freshman Republican Senator Robert Klitzkie, " I'd like the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to put aside their personal differences and concentrate on trying to help the people of Guam."

Veteran lawmaker Senator Joanne Brown, "Well, I think overall fairly disappointed. I think we have an expectation certainly in our elected office to ensure that our focus and our attention and the work that we do is in the interest of the public. I think that anything that distracts from this particular case I think it's very distracting from the real issues affecting our people that we would have preferred to see the Camacho Administration work together."

In the meantime, a hearing will be held on the Lieutenant Governor's request for an alternative writ will be heard before Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson Monday morning.

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