K57 News Report
Thursday, August 7, 2003

Students suing the Government of Guam – it’s an idea born from Legislation introduced today by Senator Bob Klitzkie. Bill 162 the Every Child is Entitled to an Adequate Public Education Act sets nine criteria that would define an adequate education for public school students. Senator Klitzkie says the measure would allow students who feel they haven’t been given an adequate education the right to sue GovGuam with their parents conducting the litigation.

(Sen. Robert Klitzkie) : “If the child doesn’t get an adequate public education, he is the one who really suffers, so it seems right that we give the child who was denied that right, the ability to enforce that right. But the bill does phase in these provisions. The right to sue wouldn’t accrue immediately upon passage of the bill, it might take as long as nine months before that part of the bill kicked in, so it would give the government a whole school year to get ready.”

Klitzkie has asked the Committee on Rules to refer the measure to the Committee on Judiciary & Transportation rather than the Committee on Education. Klitzkie says that’s because of the litigation factor contained in the bill.



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