News Report
Aug. 7, 2003

Sen. Bob Klitzkie has just introduced a bill that he claims places education as the number one priority above everything else. Bill 162, the Every Child is Entitled to an Adequate Public Education Act, is the first legislation ever to hold GovGuam accountable under the Organic Act for providing an adequate education for school children. In doing so the bill recognizes that education is a civil right, therefore allowing children to seek litigation against GovGuam for failing to provide an adequate education. As defined in the bill, an adequate education at the minimum includes standards such as: certified teachers for every class in a ratio established by relevant collective bargaining agreements, properly ventilated classrooms with temperature no greater than 78 degrees, sufficient water, reliable electricity, textbooks, and clean restroom facilities. Klitzkie says he has gained support for the bill from his other republican senators.



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