Cunliffe believes VIP bill inorganic, Klitzkie disagrees

by Ken Wetmore, KUAM News
Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The question of whether the Voter Introduction Program is organic continues to raise concerns from lawmakers. As we reported, Senator Lou Leon Guerrero two weeks ago wrote a letter to the Attorney General to issue an opinion on the matter.

Senator Randy Cunliffe meanwhile believes that the legislation is inorganic, saying, “I believe the VIP process is inorganic and unconstitutional. The Legislature cannot delegate its authority to anyone else, there not permitted by constitutional law to do that and therefore I believe the law is not going to withstand scrutiny and I won’t support any law I believe is inorganic.”

Cunliffe's colleague however, Republican Senator Bob Klitzkie, isn't agreeing with his opinion on the issue. He says, “The Organic Act says that the Legislature is to establish its own rules and proceed, so if the Legislature chooses to establish a process by which a bill comes to the end reading from the floor of the Legislature by means of a petition and other trapping of the VIP, then it would seem to me to be in concert with that part of the Organic Act.”



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