Klitzkie creates legislation to transfer $100,0000 to public education

by Marissa Borja, KUAM News
Monday, August 15, 2005

The author of the Every Child Deserves an Adequate Public Education Act is taking it one step further. Republican Senator Bob Klitzkie has introduced a bill that would transfer $100,000 dollars in funds that his office has saved to the Guam Public School System. Bill 184 would create an "Every Child is Entitled To An Adequate Public Education Act Fund."

The senator says if the bill is passed the savings from his office would be the first money put into the Fund, but intends the fund to be open to more donations from other sources outside of the government. "The fund would also be setup so that private persons could donate to the fund if they so desired," said Senator Klitzkie.

He adds that the Fund would also be open to receiving donations from organizations or other private entities. The bill also requires that any expenditures from the Fund be published on the Guam Public School System's web site, thus showing the public how the money is being spent.



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