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Here are some elected officials' New Year's resolutions related to their public positions:

• Gov. Felix Camacho:
"To take ownership of our island. To own our communities. To own our destiny as a people, with a resolve to, once and for all, own the direction of our lives, guided only by the hands of God embedded in a culture of freedom, tradition, justice and peace."

• Lt. Gov. Kaleo Moylan:
"I resolve to aggressively pursue solutions to our island's infrastructure problems through private-sector participation that enhance the quality of life for our residents and promote economic development for our island as well as see the completion of our government's reorganization before the end of 2004."

• Attorney General Douglas Moylan:
"Redouble my efforts as a public servant to continue protecting the public interest, setting uniform legal policy throughout the government of Guam and to further reduce taxpayer expenditures for private attorneys throughout the government."

• Vice Speaker Frank Aguon, Jr., D-Yona:
"To continue the trend and make sure we focus on further cost reductions and balancing the budget, going into the next fiscal year."

• Sen. Tina Muña-Barnes, D-Mangilao:
"As one who has oversight of community, culture, recreation and public broadcasting, I'd like to continue introducing legislation promoting and preserving our island's culture and family values."

• Sen. Joanne Brown, R-Chalan Pago/Ordot:
"I think we just need to work toward more accountability and transparency in the government for the upcoming year."

• Sen. Randall Cunliffe, D-Tamuning, said he does not make New Year's resolutions.

• Sen. Carmen Fernandez, D-Yona:
"To continue to grow support and outreach for the education of our children and to build closer working relationships between the Department of Education, Guam Community College and the University of Guam."

• Sen. Mark Forbes, R-Sinajana, was unable to respond as he is off island for the holidays.

• Sen. Larry Kasperbauer, R-Dededo:
"I'd like to get a bill passed that will provide the financing to construct some new schools and repair some existing schools."

• Sen. Robert Klitzkie, R-Yigo:
"For the new year, my priorities are going to be the same -- education, public health and public safety. Those have to be our priorities for the short term and the long term."

• Sen. Lou Leon Guerrero, D-Tamuning:
"As a public official, my New Year's resolution is to continue to be focused on the hard work ahead of us so that we can continue to provide good government for our people."

• Sen. Jesse Lujan, R-Tamuning:
"For the upcoming year, I will continue to work toward 'open skies' for our island, the 'Philippines-Guam' visa waiver and the Earned Income Tax Credit."

• Speaker Ben Pangelinan, D-Barrigada:
"My resolution for the new year would be to ... set good policy in place to resolve those matters. I'm talking about economic stimulation, the investment in infrastructure, in our education, in our utilities and in our roads."

• Sen. John Quinata, D-Talofofo:
"Hopefully to continue moving forward in getting a stable economy here in Guam and to focus on my side to get more funding and finding more funding for the law enforcement side of the house and helping our tourism industry out."

• Sen. Rory Respicio, D-Chalan Pago/Ordot:
"My resolution is for more environmental initiatives -- the protection of the coral reefs and securing the closure of Ordot Dump as well as bringing a stronger focus on providing a living wage for working families and pushing for the privatization of GTA and having the proceeds earmarked for the needs of DOE."

• Sen. Toni Sanford, D-Agana Heights:
"My resolution is to spend more quality time with my family and to resolve to continue to work toward what our people are looking for -- basically, a more responsive and productive government."

• Sen. Ray Tenorio, R-Yigo:
"My resolution is ... to work hard and see how we can make improvements toward education, public safety and the health-care needs for the people and to make sure that the budget reflects the priorities of those core services."

• Commissioner Vince Camacho:
"No. 1 is to ensure the privatization goes very well for the people of Guam and two and three is to ensure the financial viability of both utilities for the island."

• Commissioner Judith Guthertz:
"My resolution is to ensure that whatever decisions are made by the commission are in the best interest of all the people of Guam, and that I will carefully scrutinize any and all proposals involving privatization."

• Commissioner Benigno Palomo:
"As a member of the CCU, I resolve to assist in every way possible to bring pride and efficiency back to GWA by eliminating waste and providing resources for training programs and incentive for good work."

• Chairman Simon Sanchez:
"My resolution is to continue to work to have the utilities provide improved excellent service to ratepayers at the lowest possible cost to the ratepayers."

• Commissioner Frank Shimizu was unable to respond as he is off island for the holidays.

• Board member Tomas Barcinas:
"I'm going to do my (best) to do more for our schoolchildren as a board member. Here's an example, this year we wanted to get $166 million for education but we only got $130-some million."

• Board member Patricia Bennett:
"To put more energy into updating and improving board policies and to encourage intelligent, respectable, committed community members to run for the education policy board next year."

• Board member Jeni Ann Flores:
"(This) year we're going to work smarter. We're going to participate more and be proactive instead of being reactive. On a personal note, I would like to devote a little more time to my efforts here at DOE."

• Chairman Romeo Hernandez:
"I want to work with the superintendent (of the Education Department, Juan Flores) to help the department and support all the employees and make sure he provides the services that everyone expects them to provide.

• Board member Beth McClure:
"I want to work together harmoniously, the board, the teachers, Department of Education administration, and have an improved education system."

• Vice Chairman Jose Nededog:
"I just want to continue making things work the way they should for the good of the public schoolchildren."

• Board member Rosa Salas Palomo:
"I have been pretty involved with the text books. ... I would like to be more involved with (encouraging parental involvement and getting training for substitute teachers). I want to be able to tell my constituents that I did that."

• Board member Francis Toves could not be reached as of press time.

• Board member Garland Wilhite:
"Resolve the (DOE contract) negotiation problems so that (this) year everything runs smoothly."

Pacific Daily News staff Steve Limtiaco, Mark-Alexander Pieper and Oyaol Ngirairikl contributed to this report.

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