News Report
July 8, 2003

( K57 ): Meanwhile, republican Senator Robert Klitzkie introduced Bill 147 today. This measure grants the governor authority to establish priorities among government agencies and reorganize. Sen. Klitzkie says this bill sets priorities among government agencies with education, public health, and public safety first. Other agencies could be reorganized, functions could be absorbed, and appropriations be moved from those agencies that are lower on the priority list to those which are tops.

( Sen. Bob Klitzkie ): “The governor can accomplish these things and all of the personnel actions he needs to accomplish by properly worded executive orders that have had public hearings in accordance with our regular public hearings law, that would provide the public the right to be heard -- due process, etc., that is in 5GCA 8107 – and would allow the governor the use of tools that he needs to get our government down to an affordable, workable size to operate more efficiently in these times of scarce resources.”

( K57 ): Klitzkie calls his measure the Government Priorities Act of 2003. And coincidently, the senator says, this is not in response to the governor’s veto of Bill 83 last night.

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