Kasperbauer seeks quick action on two bills

By Mar-Vic Cagurangan
Variety News Staff

June 23, 2005

SENATOR Larry Kasperbauer (R-Dededo) said he looks forward to the passage of his bill that would allow the Department of Public Works to hire substitute temporary-hire school bus drivers, before classes reopen in August.

Kasperbauer said Bill 141 would solve the problem of transporting students brought about by bus driver shortage and occasional absences.

The current law prohibits the government from hiring employees on temporary basis with the exemption of certain positions including health care professionals and teachers, among others. Bill 141 proposes an amendment to include school bus driver positions in the exemption list.

DPW director Larry Perez and bus driver supervisor Frank Taitano endorsed the passage of the bill during a public hearing conducted Tuesday by the legislative committee on judiciary and government reorganization, chaired by Sen. Bob Klitzkie (R-Yigo)

The Guam Federation of Teachers opposed the bill, saying school bus drivers should be hired full time basis.

“But this is not possible. If all the fulltime drivers show up, what do you with the extra drivers?” Kasperbauer said. “This is not intended to simply create new positions. Our intention is to make sure that school children can get to school. I hope that my colleagues will pass the bill. This could be a life saver situation for our children.”

Another bill that Kasperbauer hopes the Legislature will pass is Bill 123, which would transfer the soil and water conservation programs from the Department of Agriculture to the University of Guam.

The past Legislature has appropriated money for UOG to supervise the programs, which however, remain with the agriculture department.

Bill 123 received a unanimous support from agriculture and university officials during the public hearing.



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