Payless payday now threatening Judiciary staffers

by Mindy Fothergill, KUAM News
Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A payless payday is a potential threat for employees of Guam's judiciary if the Camacho Administration doesn't identify funds owed to the courts. Court policy, planning and communications director Dan Tydingco says the Administration did indicate today that a fiscal team is trying to identify a funding source for the $2.5 million owed in appropriations to the judiciary.

Last week the Judiciary sent a demand letter for owed money to the courts, Tydingco saying, "They placed a call to us today indicating that they are meting to address and rectify this recurrent issue and problem with getting the money over to the Judicial Branch. Tydingco adds he received assurances a substantial portion of the money will be paid before the end of the week as waiting until the end of the fiscal year is not an option.

Meanwhile Judiciary Committee chair Senator Robert Klitzkie (R) reacted to the lack of payment. "If the courts are not getting their cash, public schools are not getting the cash they need to provide an adequate public education. The Guam Memorial Hospital hasn't been getting its cash for its subsidies but yet were told that the administration is pretty much on target with its $435 million and yet they say they going to pull in $431 million so I think the responsibility here is with the executive branch to make sure these appropriations for these essential agencies are funded."

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