Republican senators all in support of repealing GRT increase

by Ken Wetmore, KUAM News

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Republican Senator Robert Klitzkie wants to repeal the recently passed increase in the island’s Gross Receipts Tax. This afternoon Senator Klitzkie submitted a bill that will do just that if passed.

All six republican senators voted against Bill 42 after voicing strong opposition to raising taxes and all six Republican senators support Klitzkie’s repeal. Republicans have said they are against the tax for a number of different reasons. Among other things, they say the tax is too heavy and there’s no proof the 2% increase will bring in more revenue. They also fear it will drive many island businesses right out of business.

According to a press release from Klitzkie’s office, Democrat Senator Toni Sanford, chair of the Economic Development Committee, has indicated that she would be willing to hold a public hearing. The release says Klitzkie is also working with community and business leaders to build support for his legislation.

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