How much are your senators spending?

by Ken Wetmore, KUAM News
Wednesday, March 24, 2004

In case you are wondering how your senators stack up when it comes to spending your money, using numbers provided to us by the Legislature's Rules Committee we added up the senators expenditures from January 6 when they took office through February 29 of this year.

Your top spender so far in the 27th Guam Legislature is Senator Tina Muna-Barnes at over $367,000. Coming in second is fellow Democrat Rory Respicio at $343,634.75. Senator Respicio only narrowly outspent Rules Committee chair Senator Lou Leon Guerrero, who spent only $286.01 less. Democrat senator John Quinata takes the fourth spot at just over $348,000, with Senator Randy Cunliffe rounds out the top five at just under $320,000.

The Republican Minority Leader, Senator Mark Forbes, takes sixth place, being your highest-spending Republican at almost $301,000.

Moving now to senators who didn't break the $300K mark are Senator Toni Sanford, who has spent over $297,000. Senator Carmen Fernandez spent just about $10,000 less, putting her in the eighth spot, with Speaker Ben Pangelinan could hold the record for most miserly Democrat at just under $283,000. More about that in a minute.

Senator Larry Kasperbauer becomes the second Republican on the list, taking tenth place at just over $229,000. Republican Ray Tenorio is number 11 with $190,522.66. Senator Jesse Anderson Lujan spent over $185,000, and at number 13 is Senator Joanne Brown spending just under $159,000. Number 14 is Vice Speaker Frank Aguon, Jr., his office only spent $156,000, however there is a big asterisk next to his name and we'll tell you why in just a minute.

Finally, Senator Bob Klitzkie rounds out your fifteen senators, spending $110,000.

Moving back to Vice Speaker Aguon, he only comes in 14th if you don't factor in the Office of Finance and Budgeting, which basically crunches the Government of Guam's fiscal numbers for the Legislature. The Vice Speaker runs the Office in his capacity as chair of the Committee on Appropriation and Budgeting. If you add OFB's expenditures to the Vice Speaker's office expenditures, Aguon easily takes first place.

The combined expenditures of over $615,000 is almost double that of Senator Muna-Barnes, who is in second place.

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