Education Committee concentrates on developing synergy between GEPB and GPSS

by Samantha Lynott, KUAM News
Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Senator Larry Kasperbauer's (R) Committee on Education heard testimony mainly from the Guam Education Policy Board and the superintendent himself. Today marked the third day of oversight hearings for the Committee, beginning with the first item on the agenda last week having been direct instruction. However, the community gave so much input on that topic it wasn't until today that agenda items II and III could be addressed.

Today, the education oversight hearing dove deeply into the mechanics of how to change laws to encourage the Guam Public School System and the Policy Board to work together.

In the power struggle between policy and operations one suggestion was to change the name from the Guam Education Policy Board to a governing board. Senator Bob Klitzkie (R) gleaned a suggestion from Guam Education Policy Board vice-chairman Dr. Jose Cruz, noting the blurred line between policy and operations. (That blurred line was not unlike the blurred line between agenda items.)

Although the issue of the superintendent's contract was not discussed until later in the hearing, some addressed it as part of policy versus operations.

Later superintendent Juan Flores testified that he would have preferred that his evaluation had been done privately, noting that the purpose is to improve the work of the person being evaluated. It was then that the Board presented fundamental changes that need to be made to the superintendent's contract.

The last item on the agenda for discussion is the status of the Adequate Education Act.

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