News Report
May 8, 2003

(Mana Silva, News Director): In a move of solidarity, republican senators joined together near the old Veterans Cemetery for a wave as they push for the repeal in the increase in Gross Receipts Taxes. This is while a measure makes its way through the Legislature seeking just that.

(Sen. Bob Klitzkie): “… Yes, that’s Bill 54 which would put the Gross Receipts Tax back to 4% effective March 1st. The bill has been heard by Sen. Toni Sanford’s committee and we expect the committee report to be finished momentarily.”

(Mana Silva): Sen. Bob Klitzkie says he is hoping the bill will be placed on the agenda in the upcoming session which is scheduled for May 16. He says it would only be fitting since the GRT increase has been such a hot subject in the recent weeks.

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