Senator Klitzkie joins public in wave against GRT increase

by Zita Taitano, KUAM News
Thursday, May 08, 2003

Republican senators spent their lunch hour outdoors today. Several of your elected leaders met for the wave to show their support for Senator Robert Klitzkie's bill before the Legislature to rollback the gross receipts tax increase.

“We're showing the public we have solidarity with them and that we're right with them on this tax increase that falls hardest on those least able to bear it,” he said.

While Governor Camacho and the democrats in the Legislature say a rollback will make it nearly impossible to float the recently passed $268 million in bonds, Republican Minority Leader Senator Mark Forbes doesn't buy it.

“Remember, the rating agency has been looking at Guam's historical pattern, which is what they base themselves on when they look at these things. Historically, the GRT has been 4%.”

It remains to be seen if the democrat majority will even allow senator Klitzkie's roll back bill onto the floor of the legislature for debate and a vote.

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