Klitzkie impressed with Chief Justice's proactive stance on tech

by Mindy Fothergill, KUAM News
Monday, May 01, 2006

Judiciary Committee chairman Senator Bob Klitzkie (R) was pleased with Chief Justice Philip Carbullido's State of the Judiciary Address today, saying much progress has been made at the courts. "I was very glad to hear his reference to using technology to increase the efficiency of the court. I think that's admirable and certainly a way to meet the coming challenges when the Marines do come to Guam," said the senator.

Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks said other government agencies could learn from the court's implementation of technology instead of manual efforts to improve operations. "I think that's an area all of our government entities can utilize in helping us become more efficient because resources are scarce and how do you make resources more valuable by making them more efficient and allowing technology do the work for you," he explained.

Retired chief justice Peter Siguenza says he's proud of the accomplishments of the courts, specifically the Supreme Court, which celebrates its tenth anniversary. He said the Court is experiencing "nothing but progress," and that, "Chief Justice Carbullido is really doing an outstanding job. I'm glad to see where we're out after ten years when I first started. He and the staff are doing an outstanding job."

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