News Report
Nov. 10, 2003

With tomorrow set aside to recognize veterans here on Guam, Sen. Bob Klitzkie has introduced a measure that would rename Marine Drive to Marine Corps Drive and rededicate the Marine Corps Drive on July 21 of next year, the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Guam. Sen. Klitzkie introduced the measure today, the 228th anniversary of the founding of the United States Marine Corps.

The rededication act has three parts:

First, Public Works would create and post signs showing the new name along Route 1 from the main gate of Naval Station, near the Chamorro Village in Hagatna and near the main gate of Andersen Air Force Base.

Also, on the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Gum the Governor will hold a ceremony to rededicate “Marine Corps Drive” to honor the memory of those Marines, living and dead, who liberated Guam.

And effective date of the new name is July 21 of next year.

Although both names may used until January 2010, when "Marine Corps Drive," only, shall be used.


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