Klitzkie proposes doubling tax rebate for teachers purchasing their own supplies


by Marissa Eusebio, KUAM News
Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Continuing his efforts in support of education, former superintendent for the Department of Education Senator Bob Klitzkie introduced a measure today that would create a $500 tax rebate for teachers for the purchase of school supplies.

He explained, “It starts out where the figurative rubber meets the road...where the teachers meet the students and it gives the teachers some ability to control the process; how much money he or she is going to spend and then apply for the tax rebate to get it back.”

According to the freshman lawmaker, the current tax code allows a $250 deduction from adjusted gross income allowing teachers and other educators to deduct qualified expenses. However, this bill would double that amount in recognition of the underfunding of Guam's public schools, which educators have constantly had to make up for by using their own money.



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