Future of Senator Klitzkie's Website In Question

By David Macaluso
PNC Staff Reporter
November 15, 2006

6:00pm Since taking office a few years ago, Senator Robert Klitzkie and his office have been keeping the public up to date on the Guam Legislature's activities.

Klitzkie had opted not to seek another term as senator and with less than two months to go before the senator leaves office, the community had been asking what will become of www.bobsoffice.org.

According to Klitzkie, four people, including himself, maintain and operate the website. Klitzkie said he would like to see all the good work his staff has done with the website to continue into the future.

The website may be salvaged however. Speaker Mark Forbes said there is interest from other senators to continue the site, including Senator-elect Frank Ishizaki. - PNC News



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