Bill Seeks To Discontinue Use Of Government Cars For Personal Use

PNC Staff Reporter
November 24, 2006

6:00pm A measure that would prevent the use of government vehicles for personal use by judges and justices is up for a public hearing next Monday (November 27).

The measure, Bill 390, was introduced by Senator Bob Klitzkie. He said Chief Justice Phillip Carbullido had requested he introduce the measure, and based it on frugality and saving money at the Judiciary Branch.

The bill, he said, would allow for government vehicles to be used for official business and not for personal commute.

Other bills will be discussed in a public hearing on Monday. They include Bill 370 and Bill 383.

Bill 370 addresses the shortage of judges in the superior court. Bill 383 is a measure that would restructure the Guam Election Commission. Introduced by Klitzkie, Bill 383 would do away with the GEC, and instead, create an office headed by an appointed administrator and a board that would deal only with problems presented during elections.

The hearings begin at 9 am, and are expected to last all day.

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