Senators pass COLA bill with 13-1 vote

by Jason Salas, KUAM News
Monday, October 30, 2006

Senators of the 28th Guam Legislature successfully passed Bill 332 Monday night, empowering Governor Felix Camacho to make use of funds from certain Government of Guam accounts, amending several articles of local law in regards to the cost of living allowance for public sector retirees, and providing tax rebates for COLA recipients. Senators reconvened shortly after 9pm Monday and almost forty minutes later passed the bill by way of a vote of 13-1 (Republican Bob Klitzkie was the only senator to vote against it).

Prior to the vote, Senator Rory Respicio (D) introduced an amendment on the floor to add the verbiage "partial" to the clause relative to the payment of COLA, but that amendment summarily failed. The Governor just before 6pm signed a non-reversible stipulated order, effectively waiving his right to appeal Superior Court Judge Arthur Barcinas' decision to pay COLA.

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