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“People’s Legislative Reform Act of 2006” brings government closer to the people of Guam


Read Bill 290: [MSWord (as introduced)]

Status of Bill 290: Introduced on April 19, 2006

More on Bill 290:

How does Guam compare to U.S. states?


April 19, 2006, Bob and Senators Mike Cruz, Adolpho Palacios, Larry Kasperbauer and B.J. Cruz, introduced the “People’s Legislative Reform Act of 2006.” The act would return the Guam Legislature to being the part-time, citizens’ legislature that it was when initially created in 1950 by the Organic Act of Guam.

The purpose of the legislation is clear: the position of senator ought to be a public office, not public employment; and the people are best served by a legislature, the members of which come from all walks of life, where every man or woman may easily aspire to service in their legislature.

“We should always be moving the government closer to the people,” says Bob. “The People’s Legislative Reform Act of 2006 does just that.”

Per the Organic Act, a senator in the Guam Legislature has only three responsibilities:
1.) write and vote on legislation,
2.) write and vote on the government of Guam’s budget, and
3.) confirm executive nominations from the governor.

“I’ve said it many times since being first elected as a senator … we should pass laws, write the budget, confirm nominations from the governor, and then go home,” says Bob.

Sen. Mike Cruz says: “The time management required by a part time legislature will not only save time, but public money. A part time legislature will encourage people from all walks of life to run.”

Sen. Adolpho Palacios says “The bill provides adequate time and resources to conduct the public’s business. A part time legislature will not diminish our ability to address the business of the people of Guam.”

Sen. Larry Kasperbauer says: “A part time legislature will open up candidacy to a broader cross section of our population.”

Sen. B.J. Cruz says: The function of the legislature is to legislate, not be involved with the day-to-day operations of government. Legislation is best accomplished when legislative sessions occur on a regular scheduled basis.”

Highlights of the People’s Legislative Reform Act of 2006:

  • Now: Full time, 365 days per year
  • Bill 290: Two 30 day sessions (60 days per year total)
  • Now: $55,000 salary per senator
  • Bill 290: $50 per session day
  • Bill 290: Ends state funerals for senators; ends a senator’s ability to perform marriage ceremonies; discontinues special license plates for senators; and amends travel allowances.
  • Bill 290: Creates the “Legislative Research and Service Bureau” of classified staff to research and draft legislation and budgets
  • Bill 290: The total budget of the I Liheslaturan Guahan shall at no time exceed 1% of the Government of Guam revenue projections set for the same fiscal year, as enacted into law in the Government of Guam Budget Act for that fiscal year.



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