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Bill 368 Fair Labor Standards

Read Bill 368: [MSWord (as introduced)]

Status of Bill 368: Introduced Monday, October 9, 2006

Bill 369 Prevailing Wages

Read Bill 369: [MSWord (as introduced)]

Status of Bill 369: Introduced Monday, October 9, 2006

On October 9, 2006, Bob introduced two bills that deal with employment matters, Bill 368 and 369.

More on Bill 368:

Bill 368 conforms Guam law to federal Department of Labor rules and regulations which were last revised August 23, 2004. The last revision of Guam law was a 1961 executive order signed by then Gov. Joseph Flores. Conforming the two sets of laws facilitates commerce because employers will no longer need to determine which rules apply to their business. Employees benefit because the wage payable to exempt employees, i.e. exempt from the overtime provisions of both laws, is increased.

Bill 369 ensures that the successful bid for a government contract is sufficient to pay the prevailing wage to those employed pursuant to the contract . Also, invitation to bid documents are to serve notice that the bid must comply with prevailing wage law. The bill provides that successful bidders on government contracts must pay Guam’s prevailing wage (as outlined in PL 26-111).

The government of Guam awards some government contracts based on the lowest bid. If the bidder is bidding so low as not to be able to pay the prevailing wage, the result is the employees are probably not paid the prevailing wage.

The two bills strengthen and clarify existing provisions of law. Bill 368 has been referred to the Committee on Aviation, Immigration & Housing Chaired by Sen. Lujan while Bill 369 has been referred to the Committee on Finance, Taxation & Commerce chaired by Sen. Calvo.



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