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Can you help?

Monday, January 26, the Legislature’s Committee on Rules adopted an agenda of bills all sponsored by Democrats. Left off this list was a bill I sponsored: Bill 162.

Bill 162 establishes a minimal definition of an adequate education, makes education the top priority of the government and holds government officials accountable to the customers of education: Guam’s children.

For more information on Bill 162:

Bill 162, the “Every Child is Entitled to an Adequate Public Education Act,” has had a public hearing (October 12, 2003). At that hearing it received overwhelming positive response.

For more information on the public hearing:

There is just one problem. There is no committee report.

The committee chair, Sen. Carmen Fernandez, had not begun circulating the report when the rules committee began deliberating on Monday, thus the objection by the Democrats to the placement of the bill on the current session agenda.

To read the KUAM news report:

In order to expedite the process, I submitted a draft committee report for Bill 162 to Sen. Fernandez several weeks ago. That draft report incorporated the suggestions and criticisms surfaced during hearing on Bill 162.

To read the draft committee report:

If you glance at the draft report you'll probably agree with me that all of the concerns raised at the public hearing have been addressed and Bill 162 is ready for the session floor.

You can show your support for Bill 162 by e-mailing Sen. Fernandez ( ) or call her at 472-4826 and ask her to compete her work.

Thank you.

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