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Dear Friends:

Today the Attorney General released his opinion on the visible GRT. I have posted his opinion and other information concerning the GRT (such as the rules and regulations) on my website

At the bottom of the page is a new section titled "Resource Locker." The AG's opinion is on the left hand side of the Resource Locker. As I receive other materials concerning issues of the day, I will post them in this section and let you know.

Bill 267 is scheduled for a public hearing on Monday, March 1 at the Legislature's Public Hearing Room. Bill 267 rolls back the GRT increase from 6% to 4% effective April 1, 2004.

The lesson learned from all of the confusion of the higher GRT tax rate and the visible GRT is simple: the government should have left well enough alone and focused on its own fiscal management first without grabbing more money out of the your pockets. Instead of focusing on prioritizing the budget (public education, public safety, and public health) and reforming government, the legislative majority chose to look to your wallet first.

Please give me a call or e-mail me to discuss any issues on your mind. As always, I'm interested in your thoughts and ideas.


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