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  Dear Friends:

Bill 141, the Employee-Owned Company Law, will have a public hearing:

Wednesday, March 31
9:00 A.M.
Guam Legislature Public Hearing Room.

Bill 141 creates a new business designation (EOC) for companies organized by GovGuam employees whose jobs will be subject to outsourcing. The bill
allows the affected employees to form these companies and then bid on outsourcing contracts in effect allowing affected employees to be a part of
the privatization process.

Another important part of the bill deals with affected employees' option
regarding the Retirement Fund.

For more information about Bill 141:

I hope you are able to attend in support of Bill 141 or fax favorable
testimony to:

Vice Speaker Frank Aguon, Jr.

Or you can e-mail your testimony to me at and I will
forward the testimony to Vice Speaker Aguon.

If you have any questions regarding the bill, please call or e-mail me.


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