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Dear Friends:

To keep you "in the loop," here is an update of current legislation and news from Bob's Office.

Bill 162 is still stalled in committee after a committee report and a substitute bill was submitted to the committee chair (the committee voted 5-1-1, "Do Pass" just before the last session).

The Pacific Daily News printed an interesting article Monday, May 3, about

Bill 162:

And on Tuesday, May 4, the Pacific Daily News wrote this editorial:

Bill 162 Progress Report:

Bill 222 had a public hearing on March 8. Sen. Sanford's committee is
reviewing the bill and writing a committee report. I have made suggestions
on how to further improve the legislation and look forward to a favorable
committee report.

More about Bill 222:

Marine Corps Drive was rededicated by executive order by the governor on
April 13. It was the right thing for the governor to do. Marine Corps
Drive now is clearly named for the Marines who liberated Guam 60 years ago;
not to ever be confused again with the ocean.

More about Marine Corps Drive:

Bill 233 is expected to be heard at a public hearing in Sen. Aguon's
committee soon. When I know more, I'll let you know.

More about Bill 233:

Governor signs bills into law:
Located at is an updated list of the bills the governor
has signed into law. As he signs, or vetoes, more bills, I will post that
information too.

I've had many calls and comments about my "third employee," whom we have
yet to name. Please e-mail your suggestions on what to name it to

Story about unnamed "employee":

Thank you for your continued comments, suggestions and encouragement. I'll
keep doing everything I can to save your money and prioritize this
government around its most important, basic services of public education,
public health and public safety.

Please give me a call or e-mail me to discuss any issues on your mind. As
always, I'm interested in your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you.



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