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Dear Friends:

Today during session:

I made a motion to place Bill 162 on the session agenda. As you may be aware, a public hearing for Bill 162 occurred in October and a draft committee report was completed March 29 with a 5-1-1 "Do Pass" recommendation. The chair of the Committee on Education and Housing objected to my motion, which was defeated along party lines. More information about Bill 162 can be found on my website at:

I also made a motion to place Bill 233 on the session agenda. Bill 233 was co-sponsored by all 15 senators, a public hearing was held May 12, and a committee report was completed May 24 with a 8-0 "Do Pass" recommendation by Sen. Frank Aguon, Jr.'s, committee. This motion passed without objection and I expect a floor debate and vote sometime this week. More information about Bill 233 can be found on my website at:

During the floor debate on Bill 286, I had a few legal questions about the lease. I had hoped the bill would include suggestions from the Attorney General's office, but the bill did not. I made a few motions to clean up some of the language. Each of those motions failed along party lines.

Throughout the week, I will be adding information concerning session to my website: Please check back for updates.

Please give me a call or e-mail me to discuss any issue on your mind. As always, I'm interested in your thoughts and ideas.


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