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  Dear Friends:

Sometimes voting "YES" means "NO" and voting "NO" means "YES."

The legislature has finished its debate on the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Reorganization Plan and Substitute Bill 337 that would disapprove that plan.

I have included three documents from the plan and committee report you may find interesting:

* Memo and vote tally for GMHA Reorganization Plan and Bill 337

* Vote sheet for GMHA reorganization plan

* Substitute Bill 337
(I won't post the Reorganization plan here even though it's incorporated
into Substitute Bill 337. It's too voluminous.)

What does a "YES" vote or a "NO" vote on Substitute Bill 337 mean? Underlying legislation provides that the GMHA reorganization plan defaults to pass unless the legislature passes a law to reject the plan. Consider this: Rejection of a bill stating that the plan is approved is a nullity; only an enacted law can disapprove the plan. However, the failure to pass a bill approving the plan would also be ineffective, but the plan would be approved because the legislature took, "no action!"

So if a senator is opposed to the plan, the senator would vote "yes" on Bill 337. If a senator is in favor of the plan, that senator would vote "no" on Bill 337.

The legislature will vote on Substitute Bill 337 at the conclusion of the
current session next week.

Please give me a call or e-mail me to discuss any issues on your mind. As
always, I'm interested in your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you.

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