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  Dear Friends:

I'm currently running a classified ad in the Pacific Daily News employment section. This is what the ad says:

Legislative Aide. Research & Writing.
Hard work & Low pay. Resume to:

I'm looking for a person who is able to work in a team, think creatively and can work independently.

If you or someone you know may be interested in the work, please forward this e-mail.

Please DO NOT:
1.) fax the resume to Bob's Office
2.) deliver the resume to Bob's Office
3.) deliver the resume to Bob's Office mail box in the Legislature
4.) call Bob's Office for the "status" of your resume submission
5.) give the resume to me (because I will most likely misplace it soon after you give it to me!)

A copy of the ad as it ran in today's PDN can be found at

Thank you for your assistance.

Also, the "Your Money" section of has been updated through November 30.

Please give me a call or e-mail me to discuss any issues on your mind. As always, I'm interested in your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you.

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