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  Dear Friends:

Today, Wednesday, December 10, 2003, I introduced Bill 233, legislation that will update the Open Government Law.

Read it here:

It is worth noting that all 15 senators co-sponsored the bill. Clearly, there is unanimity that open government is an important issue. I’m looking forward to this legislature’s speedy action on this bill.

Bill 233 changes Guam’s Open Government Law to include all elected as well as appointed boards. Currently the Open Government Law only applies to boards, commissions, or comparable units of the government whose members are appointed by the Governor or appointed by the Legislature.

In recent months there has been some confusion about the Open Government Law. This simple change to include elected boards and commissions will eliminate any misunderstanding of this very important law.

Most notably, Bill 233 will update the Open Government Law to make it applicable to the Guam Education Policy Board and the Consolidated Commission on Utilities.

I think both of these boards seem to understand the spirit of the Open Government Law. My concern is making sure laws are in place so that future elected boards and commissions keep the door wide open for the public to monitor their activities.

Please give me a call or e-mail me to discuss this issue or any other issues on your mind. I’m interested in your thoughts and ideas.


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