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Dear Friends,

You’ve probably heard on the news that Senator Frank Aguon called a recess at 9am on September 3 to last until September 15. The recess is without the concurrence of the Republican minority. A recess of this length in the middle of the budget process is without precedent and must be a great disappointment to you. Since development of the budget is the probably the most important thing senators do, you have every right to be as disappointed as I am.

Since we began the budget session on August 11 my Republican colleagues and I have been present for duty and working diligently to try direct attention to the three areas that you and I are most concerned with: education, health and safety. This has been a struggle because the Democrat majority continues to avoid setting priorities, preferring across the board cuts to vital agencies and squandering money on frivolity, e.g. fireworks. Check it out at:

While others would refer to the cessation of work on the budget as “taking a break” don’t expect any let up on my end. Bob’s Office is open 7 to 7 Monday - Friday. We’re working on several projects and will be prepared to resume work on the budget on September 15. Just like you, a balanced budget that adequately funds important public services is what I’m after—even if some “nice to have” functions must be eliminated. This is the approach that I set forth in Bill 147 the Priorities in Government Act. Check it out at:

You are welcome to give me a call or e-mail me to discuss any issues on your mind. I’m interested in your thoughts and ideas.



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