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The following clip is taken from the September 14, 2003, editorial of the Sunday Pacific Daily News (page 12) . . .

“To assess how well our current crop of elected officials has performed the job of rightsizing, one only has to look at what has been done, and what hasn't been done.

“After more than eight months after the governor, lieutenant governor and senators took office, what have they accomplished? So far, the Passport Office as an agency was eliminated, with its duties being taken over by the Department of Revenue and Taxation, and the administration has continued to hold regular meetings toward consolidating other agencies.

“But real and meaningful rightsizing has not occurred, and in some cases it has been thwarted. There have been some attempts by some minority senators to initiate changes or to push forward rightsizing proposals, but those have gone nowhere with the majority senators …”

Read the complete editorial at:

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Unfortunately, the Pacific Daily News is exactly correct. Rightsizing has not been a priority with the majority in this Legislature. I had high hopes for government rightsizing in February. Speaker Pangelinan and I co-sponsored the floor amendment that merged the Passport Office into the Department of Revenue and Taxation.

Read the amendment for yourself here:

Then my Republican colleagues and I proposed Bill 147 . This legislation would remove existing impediments to government reorganization and give the Governor the necessary tools to do what is needed right now. The bill would prioritize education, health and public safety first. Currently, the laws on the books are anti-privatization and anti-reform.

Read the bill for yourself here:

Also, here are two editorials about Bill 147 for your information:

So where is Bill 147 now? Still in the Committee on Rules. The Chair, Majority Leader Sen. Lou Leon Guerrero has yet to refer the bill to committee.

See for yourself by clicking here:

Bill 147 is real and meaningful rightsizing legislation. It deserves a public hearing and an open debate. If it needs some changing, fine, let’s make reasonable changes. But let’s move the conversation forward and start doing something to right-size, reorganize, restructure and reform this government.

Please give me a call or e-mail me to discuss this issue or any other issues on your mind. I’m interested in your thoughts and ideas.



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