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From Wednesday, August 13, 2003, Pacific Daily News (page 3) …
“ … Sen. Robert Klitzkie, R-Yigo, noted that the budget proposal is not balanced. Vice Speaker Frank Aguon Jr. said the budget appropriates about $21 million more than the government expects to receive.

"Who isn't gonna get paid?" Klitzkie asked, adding that he believes lawmakers are not doing their job with respect to the government's budget. He proposed adding a "stiff list" to the budget.

"We ought to decide right now who we're going to stiff," he said.

I asked that question during the legislative session on Tuesday, August 13, when senators were considering the budget for the next fiscal year. The question still remains in my mind today ... Who is not going to get paid? The Retirement Fund? Government vendors? Guam Memorial Hospital? Medical Indigent Program? GovGuam employees? Teachers?

What needs to happen is this: the Legislature should start at the top with the main priorities – public education, public health and public safety. We should fully fund those programs (cutting costs and privatizing where necessary) and then continue down the list to the next programs. When the money runs out – so be it.

Simply said: this government needs to prioritize now or it will never balance its budgets and deliver the services most needed by the people of Guam.

One idea is the legislation I proposed a few weeks ago: Bill 147 - the Government Priorities Act of 2003. You can find more information about it on my website :

I’m interested in any thoughts you may have.



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