28th Guam Legislature

27th Guam Legislature


My main reason for voting “no” very is simple: GovGuam should first cut – anything and everything it can – then after all reforms, reorganizations, and restructuring is completed, I could probably jump on the band-wagon to borrow money to consolidate some debts, build new schools and improve Guam’s infrastructure.

But let’s be very honest with each other when we talk about borrowing this amount of money. On April 16, the Guam Legislature (minus three members) authorized borrowing more money than this government has ever borrowed before. But on April 17, there are absolutely no reforms or policies in place to avoid accumulating more debt in the future.

GovGuam is collecting in taxes about half of what the government needs to support its current operations. How is this government going to pay its electric bills, retirement obligations and employee tax withholdings? The fiscal 2003 budget is short $40 million. The only way to fill that gap will be to “borrow” against electric bills, retirement obligations and employee tax withholdings. All of a sudden we will be right back where we started. Should we borrow more money in April 2004?

What is needed now are dramatic, immediate and permanent cuts to the government to save our island and our people.

I voted against the budget bill because it raised GRT. I voted against the borrowing bill because it covers up a long-term financial management problem with a short term solution.
I made the right decision on both votes.

Bob Klitzkie


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