Bill authorizing parents to sue GovGuam for inadequate education signed into law

by Marissa Borja, KUAM News
Monday, June 06, 2005

Today marked a huge victory for students within Guam's public educational school system, as Governor Felix Camacho signed Bill 1 into law. Introduced by Senator Bob Klitzkie (R) the "Every Student is Entitled to An Adequate Education Act", empowers students and parents with the ability to file legal action through an injunction that would force the Government of Guam to provide an adequate education.

The bill also aims to ensure that there are certified teachers in the classroom, libraries are being run by certified librarians, and that each student has a textbook. Meantime, opposing the measure was long-time educator and a member of I Nasion Chamoru (The Chamorro Nation) Trini Torres. Torres said that instead of finding more constructive ways of improving the system, the bill teaches students to turn against their teachers by pointing out what is wrong.

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