Legislature passes bill empowering parents to sue DOE

by Jean Hudson, KUAM News
Saturday, May 21, 2005

After more than a year of extensive review and public hearings, senators Friday night voted in favor of Bill 1. Introduced by Senator Bob Klitzkie and co-sponsored by Senator Larry Kasperbauer, the measure essentially allows students and parents to sue the department of education and other agencies if they fail to provide students with an adequate public education.

"The fact that the bill passed unanimously passed is a plus for great optimism. It's a good bill for students and certainly gives the Governor a good incentive to sign the bill," said Senator Klitzkie.

Bill 1 took up most of session debate that extended for several days. Klitzkie explained, "The debate lasted for two days. There were concerns in almost every part of the bill. It was thoroughly discussed. Amendments were made and I think those amendments actually strengthen the bill, but I welcome those amendments."

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